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You searched “residential drug rehab center” and came up with an overwhelming number of results—where to start? How do you know if the addiction treatment program will work? What makes one residential drug rehab facility better than another? Will you make the right choice? Exhale. You’re not alone. You’ve made a huge first step by looking into treatment. Now, let us help you sort through the options so you can identify the right residential drug rehab center in Florida for you. The Benzodiazepine Rehabs covered by Aetna Policy good news is, while there are many options in the state, you can narrow down treatment centers by asking these questions or contacting us at 877.284.0353. Why Choose Residential Drug Rehab vs. Outpatient Treatment? Inpatient rehab is designed to help you reshape behaviors—drop old habits and learn new, healthy ones that you can keep for life. Residential rehab can be short-term, lasting up to 30 days; or it can be long-term rehab and last at least 90 days and up to one year. The length Cocaine of your stay at a residential drug rehab facility depends on how long you’ve been suffering from addiction, and several other factors including your history with using drugs and alcohol. Those who have tried treatment before and did not have success might opt for a longer-term residential program. It’s a choice that can only be made between you and an experienced counselor at a facility, who can advise you based on your needs and goals. With outpatient rehab , you stay in your home environment and attend rehab on a daily basis. You still commit to recovery and work through a rigorous, holistic program to establish healthy new habits. However, you may continue working, caring for family, going to school, etc. That said, many people have to take a break from these activities (using FMLA is an option) so they can focus on recovery. The question is: Can you recover while staying in your current environment? Will you be able to focus on treatment for addiction and becoming well if you are still surrounded by the people and scenarios that prompted you to use? This is a personal question. Some people can answer yes—and others recognize that residential drug and alcohol treatment will give them an opportunity to escape from a toxic environment and recover in a safe, healthy place where they can really press the reset button on life. No two people have the same exact experience because addiction treatment should be tailored to address your addiction, behaviors and underlying mental health concerns.

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how are valium and klonopin different